Some questions or anticipated questions.

Q: Are any of your course offerings accredited?

A: No. We are not seeking accreditation of any kind. There are no degrees, no tokenized achievement.

Q: What are the fees for?

A: The fees help to pay our instructors for their labor and maintain our physical space. They may also pay for materials related to the course. Sometimes specific offerings are subsidized by grants, and sometimes there are competitive TA awards after an enrollment threshold has been met.

Q: What is the application process?

A: Since there are no prerequisites, we use the application to make sure people are a good fit for the course and the level at which the course will move. This also helps us to get a sense of interest before the end of the application period.

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: Please keep in mind we are currently run by a very small core with a DIY ethos. In the rare instance in which you may need a refund for personal reasons, we are able to process a refund for multi-session courses of study before the first session in the amount of 90%; before the second session: 75%. After the second session, no refunds will be processed. For single session events such as workshops, no refunds are available.

Q: I have another question, which is apparently not frequently asked.

Fantastic. Send us an email at concrete dot abstract dot machines at gmail dot com, or find us on instagram as send a DM.

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