DIY Eurorack Synth Workshop: Envelope Follower & Random CV/Audio Generator

June 24, 2023 | 10-1400 CT | MANA Contemporary, 2233 S Throop St, Chicago IL 60608


This full-day workshop is intended to give participants a solid grounding in the technical mentality and skills required to construct a DIY eurorack module. In the hands-on portion of the workshop, we will walk participants through the construction of their own two synth modules:

  • a pico [2HP] envelope follower
  • a random CV/audio generator

The pico envelope follower is based on a design by Bumm Bumm Garage. The random and chaotic oscillator is based on Erica’s Synth Swamp. The Swamp inherits from the Wiard Wogglebug and the Buchla Source of Uncertainty.

In addition to this walk-through, we will teach some practical skills related to soldering, sourcing and pricing materials based on a BOM, troubleshooting, and other precautions related to constructing DIY synth modules.

We hope to continuing offering such workshops, exploring other synthesis and DIY techniques, inviting other hardware and software synth practitioners and DIY makers from Chicago to host these workshops.



The cost for the workshop is $160 which includes the complete kits for the two synth modules. Because we are sourcing materials in bulk, in advance, and directly from manufacturer when possible, this price compares favorably to buying a DIY kit individually.


Enrollment is strictly capped at 10 participants due to space and material constraints. If there is interest exceeding the cap, we may repeat the workshop. We hope to continuing offering DIY synth workshops; this initial workshop will help us build a material and curricular foundation and purchase more equipment for future sessions.


All electronics components for the synth build are provided in the cost. You

You will, however, need to bring your own soldering iron and helping hands. Limited solder, flux, and de-soldering wick will be available. If you do not own a soldering iron, we recommend this kit from Amazon.

Open Source Hardware/Software Statement

We are able to offer this workshop because of those who have made their intellectual and material labor open source. The cost of the workshop aims to make building your own synth module as accesible as possible, preserve the low-cost entry point of doing this DIY, and also compensating the labor of CCAM organizers who coordinate the material logistics of the workshop (including sourcing components, transcoding BOMs as well as paying for the workshop space), and develop and facilite the learning curriculum.

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