The Anthropocene Laboratory Book Cover

The Anthropocene Laboratory

Fröydi Laszlo and Anna Risell, eds. | 2023

284 Press

The Anthropocene Laboratory is composed by the work of several collaborating artists and researchers under the direction of editors Fröydi Laszlo and Anna Risell, regarding the textual, visual work and research with equal importance.

We encourage artists to engage in interdisciplinary exchanges but on their own terms, as we see art as an important way (with a myriad of methods) to engage with and learn more about our world and human adaptation to it. We even think that artistic sensitivity, free experimentalism and passion for creating new visions are vital at a time of unpredictability and rapid changes.

This book is a kaleidoscopic vision of a strange time, where our only choice is generously sharing knowledge to inspire a positive change for our threatened Earth.

The more than 20 different participants in this book come from both the scenic and the visual arts and academics from the humanities and the natural sciences. The language of the book is Nordic languages and English, most of it is translated to fit both English and Nordic readers.

272 pages with excellent quality print in full colour.

Editors: Fröydi Laszlo and Anna Risell

Design: Fält

ISBN 978-9198165005

Supported by: Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse

Kulturrådet, Swedish art council Stiftelsen Längmanska kulturfonden

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