photograph of rpi with control voltage hat on it

Processing Pi Video Synth prototype

Garrett Johnson, Kim Nucci, Paige Naylor | 2024

This page documents an internal CCAM R&D project. Loading Processing 4 onto a Raspberry Pi Pro, we intend to make a video synth which is interoperable with 3v3 modular synthesis hardware via control voltage. Using an MCP3008 chip we are able to create 8 ADC channels (or CV ins). Via a MCP 4725 breakout, we equip a 12-bit DAC, or 1-channel cv out.

overhead shot of Rasperry Pi with custom hat prototype. No knobs fitted, with hdmi and power plugged in

Side shot of RPi with hat. Blue knobs added atop, with two purple 3.5mm cables going into CV in jacks and a green one coming out the CV out jack

Same config as above but different angle

Overhead shot of Rpi with hat, with plug config described above. This time we see it runs to an EARTH synthesizer, a CCAM prototype. This sends audio out to a little amp board with DIY speakers. A small project is seen on the table top, as well as soldering supplies.

Below, a crude “proof of concept” video, showing the custom Pi Hat prototype functioning. Processing is receiving analog signals via the MCP3008 IC as interpreted by the Hardware I/O library.

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